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Why ‘The Citadel’?

Here is ”Gods plenty”, that is the great reason for your child to be a part of Citadel Residential School.

Bigger focus
Citadel is a co-educational day school, and the strength of the school is 2200. The maximum class strength would be 40.

A Blended Curriculum
At Citadel, our curriculum is that we integrate the best of teaching approaches from across the world. Our students will have a wonderful experience of world class study environment, through better teaching methodologies, with a better combination of western approaches of teaching. As a result there is clarity of the concept and through Indian methodology of practice, the student is driven towards perfection.

Strengthening our Society
Here we inculcate values, attitudes and habits that focus on social order, human dignity, political and economical justice

Gifted Faculty
We are gifted with a team of excellent and experienced teachers. Most of our teachers hold advanced degrees in hand. Many others are working towards additional qualification. We have special teacher from North East to guide the pupil in Communicative English.
Here at Citadel, our teachers play the role of foster parent, in order to fill the void created by the absence of a natural parent.

At Citadel, we assign students to do projects, which help in comprehensive understanding. In a way, this helps students to get engaged in extended research projects around various area of study.
Citadel, is not just a school but a community.School is not just for students. Rather we have active parent participation. The school organizes workshops, seminars, training and activities for parents to participate in both on their own and along with their children.

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