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Tele-counselling Helpline for Students, Parents and Staff

Citadel Residential School has introduced a tele-counselling helpline for Students, Parents and Staff during the coronavirus outbreak and lock-down. Concerns for us and our loved ones could be frightening and these fears would strongly affect our mental health. Therefore protecting the health and well-being of all and especially those who belong to Citadel family is our prime concern.

The tele-counselling service will be provided by trained counselors. They will assist you to overcome your unwanted tensions, doubts, stress and fear in a healthy and peaceful way and would suggest ways to engage you in useful and productive activities while at home. In a bid to eliminate your fear or to share your worries and tension, please reach out to our helpline number: 95 44 00 1142 (Time: 9.00 AM -6.00 PM). This helpline would assure peace of mind to our dear parents, students and staff during the lock-down period.